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Happy Heart Month

Watermelon & an orange slice

Watermelon & an orange slice

February means Valentine’s Day!  Remember last year I posted the snack plate full of heart-shaped treats? Well a few weeks ago The Miracle Momma blogged an awesome post “40 Easy Valentine’s Day Recipe’s” and guess what?  Yep, she included my little plate of happy heart’s and even titled it the “Happy Hearts Snack Platter”!  (see #32 on her FABULOUS list!)


Happy Hearts Snack Platter

I LOVE the kids getting so excited about Valentine’s Day and HEARTS because it is such a great opening to talk about heart health and what will keep our hearts healthy, happy and strong for years to come! February is American Heart Month so use healthy foods in the shape of hearts and find fun heart-healthy snacks to facilitate the dialogue in your home.

Some of the items The Miracle Momma has on her list I wouldn’t feed my kids and feel right calling it “healthy”, but they are all cute ideas!  Here are the ones I plan to borrow!

#1) Love Potion Floats -Instead of all the sugar and fat, just make a healthy berry, yogurt smoothie, add a little whipped cream, sprinkles and voila!

#7 Heart-Shaped French Toast -Make a healthy version of french toast and get that large-sized cookie-cutter out…easy and fun!  Top with strawberries and raspberries!

#14 Heart-shaped Egg & Toast -no explanation needed

#16 Heart-shaped crepe – Yum!

#17 Yogurt-dipped Strawberries – This is GENIUS, I am going to try it this week!

#19 Heart-shaped Hard Boiled Eggs -cute, and clever for those crafty Momma’s

#23 Hearty Lunch -more use for your cookie cutters

#24 Cupid Heart-Dogs -I will do this and use the Applegate Turkey Dogs

#27 mozzarella & Tomato Salad for kids – I like this, but thinking bigger tomato slices and the fresh mozzarella cut into hearts might be cool

#29 Fruit Pizza – a lot of things come to mind from this idea!

#36 Dark Chocolate Walnut Pomegranate Clusters -UMMM…HELLO!  Delish!

#39 Roasted Potato Hearts

Another GREAT Article is from The Family Kitchen; “Heart-Shaped and Healthy: 13 Valentine’s Day Surprises for Kids”

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Happy Heart Platter

I LOVE Valentine’s Day!  I love all things red, pink and heart-shaped!  This is a holiday that took on a whole new meaning for me when I had kids.  They get so excited about all the hearts, all the love…and I get a whole month of spoiling them with all things heart-shaped!  The down side of all this love is it has, like every other holiday, become all about the candy and cupcakes…which is great, in moderation, but sometimes I start to feel overwhelmed…my 90/10 philosophy starts to feel a little more like 50/50 as the sugar creeps in.

But healthy can still be fun, and if anything it shows even more love as we watch out for their little hearts and minds.  Today I made some heart-shaped fun for four little ones and honestly you would have thought I had served pink cupcakes with extra sprinkles…they were thrilled and the plate was cleared in under 5 minutes!  I think we sometimes under-estimate what will put smiles on their little faces!

Ingredients:  Fruit & veggies, cheese, pretzels

I used watermelon, strawberries (cut in half already look like hearts), & cucumbers

Tools:  Heart-shaped cookie cutters (you can get a set of all sizes at Michael’s for under $5) & an apple corer

Also try coring an apple, slicing it and filling it with cheese.

Or just stick to plain old crackers & cheese.

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